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Several first time Iron distance finishers
Several first time triathletes completing their first races and seasons
Sub 10.40 Ironman finishers (2nd time finishers)
Great British European Duathlon Bronze medalist
National (English Championship) Age Group Silver Medalist
Many local/regional podium finishing athletes
70.3 GB qualification times
Age Group Triathlon qualifiers
World AquaBike Champion
GB AG Euro Duathlon Qualifiers x 3
A whole host of PB and single discipline improved athletes

Triathlon Coaching & Services

Whether it is couch to 5km fun run, multisport training or a specific sports or health related goal, Forever Tri aims to support you in achieving this. 

Forever Tri's philosophy differs from many other Triathlon Coaching  services in that their aim is to help  you be the centre of your own change. Rather than tell you simply what to do and when, Forever Tri will use their vast teaching and coaching experience to work with you and provide you with the education, knowledge and confidence to ultimately lead your own fitness journey.

In all aspects of your planning, training and development, Forever Tri will give you the guidance and support you need on a one to one basis, but also provide you with the physiological, technique, skill and strategy knowledge you need to progress further  independently if you wish.

As well as single session fees, Forever Tri  offers a range of set packages to prospective clients. Each individual is consulted on their requirements, needs and goals and a bespoke package is created that will include one to one support, planning and tailored sessions to your budget . . .  . . and possibly a bit of homework!

Bike Fit

Whether you are a weekend warrior, aspiring athlete, completer, competitor or contender,  a good bike fit is important for health, injury prevention, comfort, aerodynamics and increased performance. This could mean the difference between  completing a session or race pain free or competing to your optimum potential. Forever Tri offers a mobile service for both road bike or TT bike, road racing or triathlon and can undertake this at a place and time of your choosing. Our fitters are trained in all areas of advanced bike fit by Torke Cycling's Tony Corke.

This includes:

*Footbed and foot correction

*Knee tracking on power application
*Saddle height for optimum muscle synergy and power transfer

*Saddle Fore/Aft for optimum rider balance point

*Contact point geometry to affect comfort and injury prevention

*Handle Bar position for Aerodynamics and fit

*Elements of pedal stroke to improve rider response

OW & Triathlon Products 

Forever Tri have been working hard to source the best products to support he demand in our growing open water and triathlon community. Our knowledge of the best clothing, equipment and accessories comes from our many years experience in the industry and we are constantly building our links and relationships with top providers to bring YOU, our clients and customers, the best options from wetsuits to goggles and swim jammers to protective hats, booties and swim accessories. We are currently sourcing a wider range of products to cover all of your open water an triathlon needs.

Wtsuit Hire, Purchase and Demo

Range of goggles

Tow Floats and Safety Aids

Big Bobble Hats


Nose Clips

Ear Plug

Silicone Hats

Body Glide

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