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"I had Matt fit me to my triathlon bike. I found it a great experience and that Matt was very knowledgeable and willing to share his experience. I went for a ride the next day and found the position comfortable and my speed increased. My next triathlon bike leg was fast and my legs on the run felt much better. I'd highly recommend such a fit. "

Allan Hartley GTC Tri Club

Please see bottom of page for a comprehensive list of rider feedback and testimonials

Comprehensive Bike Fit for Triathlon,
Time Trial or Road Bike

Whether you are a weekend warrior, aspiring athlete, completer, competitor or contender,  a good bike fit is important for health, injury prevention, comfort, aerodynamics and increased performance. This could mean the difference between  completing a session or race pain free or competing to your optimum potential. Forever Tri offers a mobile service for both road bike or TT bike, road racing or triathlon and can undertake this at a place and time of your choosing. Our fitters are trained in all areas of advanced bike fit by Torke Cycling's Tony Corke.

Torke Bike Fit Explained 
"Functional Fit"

The aim of a Torke comprehensive Bike Fit is to fit individual cyclists for their optimal contact point relationship which will impact and improve their cycling. By approaching fitting in this way we improve a cyclists function to cope with cycling stress. Utilisng a range of skills and strategies  devised by Torke, we  aim to optimise the  individual cyclists for the best power, endurance, efficiency, sustainability, comfort and injury prevention in regards to the positioning of their shoes, saddle and bars. This approach has shown to be more robust and consistently accurate in understanding individual bicycle fitting optimisation and individual athletes needs. 

Within the functional fit, the athlete will undertake the following:

·        Athlete profiling and physiological testing of range, left/right differential, spinal range and flexibility

  •  Foot placement over the pedal axle – Plyometric or postural preferencing, foot correction including cleat alignment and float

·         Application and practice of axle positioning from 1st Met head to Mid foot.

·         Leg Extension Set  –  under and over extension and selecting individually appropriate saddle height            focusing on muscle synergy and appropriate pedal stroke to improve athlete interface, and even power transfer; eliminating pedal stroke dead spots

·         Gravitational, postural and performance implications of saddle setback; optimising athlete balance point on saddle for improved weight distribution (alleviating pressure pain) and bike handling. Practical functional testing for assessing appropriate saddle position and the assessment of a  body in motion.

·         Handle bar reach and drop selection – functional implications to suit; bar lay and set up, hood position for release of tension and brake hood movement for safety.

"Club Clinic" Bike Fit Offer

Forever Tri recognises the need for quality bike fit provision in areas, geographically,  that often do not have TRIATHLON specific professionals. So, we have designed a club offer to support club development through rider experience and potential performance gains by offering much needed bike fits around the country as and when required. There are two simple options for club members to consider. Each one requiring a designated lead (possibly a committee member or coach) to organise the schedule, in return for a FREE bike fit.

Option 1

  • Forever Tri secures 4 x Functional Bike Fits at a cost of £95 each within one club.
  • Designated Leader gets 1 x free bike fit (not counting the 4 club fits).
  • All bike fits must be completed over a 2 day period with windows at 8.30am, 1pm and 5.30pm.
  • All bike fits must be within a reasonable distance from one another or held at a venue of the clubs choice.

Option 2

  • Forever Tri secures 6 (or more) x Functional Bike Fits at a cost of £95 each within one club.
  • Designated Leader gets 1 x free bike fit  (not counting the 6 club fits) .
  • All bike fits must be completed over a 3 (or more) day period with windows at 8.30am, 1pm and 5.30pm.
  • All bike fits must be within a reasonable distance from one another or held at a venue of the clubs choice.
  • Forever Tri will then give back 10% of NET profit from the Club Clinic, to the club or group for development.

Athlete feedback and testimonials

"Being new to bikes and knowing nothing about them, I wanted to do things right - and a bike fit with Matt was just that! I was amazed by how much of a difference the smaller things made - from seat to handlebars to cleats. The time spent to adjust by tiny amounts makes a significant difference to positioning and comfort - the bike feels great and I also got some great tips whilst a master was at work!!! "

Fiona Shaw - Open Water Swimmer and Newbie Triathlete

"Check out my eighth place achievement on this segment on Strava
Thanks to Matt I am getting on the leader board on Strava!!!  lol"

Mairi McRobbie  - Glenrothes

"I have had 2 bike fits from matt now and cant believe there difference it has made . Took 3 min off my best 13mile tt time. And legs still felt fresh for the run. So much knowledge. And such a nice guy."

Aaron Leslie - Triathlete

"Matt did a bike fit for me and although all the changes were small, it made a big difference. A friendly and professional service, he explained everything he did to the bike and made me a cup of tea."

Stuart Brown - Road Rider

‘The bike fit was very professional looking at body biomechanics and flexibility vs performance and comfort. The fit was optimised dynamically on the turbo specifically for my requirements, to be able to ride Ironman distances (180 k) efficiently on hills and be comfortable to run afterwards.’ 

Andrea Gellan IM UK Age Group winner and Kona finisher 2017.

"It was a very interesting experience because of how some minor changes to your bike affect the way you ride. It meant a lot because before then I was either riding to high or to low in the saddle and sometimes made me look like an amateur but now you've corrected the small faults I now feel like a pro."

Harry Watt - Junior Multisport Rider


I had really fallen out with cycling, my wrists, shoulders and back hurt after only a few miles and I was convinced I was just not built to cycle. After my bike fit I cannot believe the difference, I feel so balanced on the bike, nothing aches and I feel I can make more out of my pedal to get more efficient power.

I feel like I cycle like a competitor and not a weary middle aged lady.

I cannot believe the difference the bike fit made to my cycling.

I love my bike now.

I have gained so much confidence since my bike fit I now have cleats!

Vicky Welsh - Bishop Auckland

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